Conference Schedule

Saturday 14th May – Day One [ 09.15-17.30 ]

Nigel Hetherington – Principles of More Effective Change Work

Opening the conference and setting frames of development and consciousness for Saturdays and Sundays conference days of presentations and exercises, Nigel will invite participants to explore some of the more integral ways of performing more effective change work by bringing in various dimensions and principles from several models of change work. Suggesting there is absolutely no one right way to do change work, Nigel will offer principles and models for change for the participants, who may choose to incorporate some of these in their own practice and ongoing personal development.

Rob McGinley – Anxiety and Self Awareness

Rob McGinley is facilitating a thoughtful session reflecting upon Person Centred theory relating to anxiety and self awareness. His lecture will include an invitation to discover some personal development approaches that can be easily and successfully used for self or client work. Rob is a person centred counsellor, NLP practitioner and full time Counselling lecturer here in Tyneside. Interactive, stimulating and fun….. and that’s just the presenter.

Sharon Cox – Embodying Change Work and Eating Disorders

Every one of us has a unique relationship with food, eating and our body, which quite often remains unacknowledged and unexplored. For some people, these relationships become problematic and their life, sense of identity and way of relating in the world become consumed by thoughts of controlling food or their body size. Sharon will briefly consider the meanings of eating disorders and the developmental issues which lead some people down the path of eating distress. Sharon will explore the unique challenges this client group can bring to us as therapists on both a personal and professional level and from this, offer understandings to improve our relating with clients. Within ‘talking therapies’ the embodied nature of the two people in the relationship is often overlooked & drawing your attention to this, as a valuable therapeutic tool for stimulating and effective change work.

Phil Jeremiah – Humour In Therapy & Coaching

Phil will share his unique approach and strategy of using humour ( Humour Worx ) to assist clients make profound changes in their experience of problems. This approach involves genuine symptom prescription while playfully agreeing and encouraging our clients to laugh at their problems. The purpose being to mutually co-create a somewhat absurd experience and equally or even more importantly a state and experience where the so called problem is neurologically, physically and emotionally different. This is all set up contractually in a very safe space where provocation, that is, the honest client responses are geared up to dramatically create the context and space where change, that is creating new and more resourceful responses are sponsored between client and therapist in a humour based co-created and emotive interaction.

Sunday 15th May – Day Two [ 09.15-17.30 ]

Harry Knox – Brief Grief Therapy

With apparently no conscious afore-thought, Harry has had the opportunity to work with many therapists and clients around and within the field of loss and bereavement. This exposure has enabled Harry to develop a process / model called Brief Grief Therapy. This model enables movement and / or solutions in grief work. His intention is to take his audience through the process identifying the key stages that make it such an effective model.

Andy Hunt – Developing Compassionate Self Acceptance

The purpose of this presentation is to introduce the audience into a particular way of working with issues of self acceptance. This approach is all about working with people who think that they are the problem! Whatever they think, say or do will be wrong; trying to get it right and feel good costs them a huge amount of energy and effort that could be better spent elsewhere. The presentation will include: an overview of compassion and self acceptance, why they are important to personal well being and what you might expect to experience if you are running low on them. We’ll examine three different aspects of self rejection: negative identity beliefs – “I am not good enough”, inner conflict – “I hate myself” and inner critics, our inner saboteurs. I will describe how I approach these different parts of the problem using a blend of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that I call ‘Compassion Work’, so that clients can accept themselves and put all the energy they were previously using to beat themselves up to better use.

John Wheeler – Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution-focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) takes a particular interest in what’s working in people’s lives, as opposed to what isn’t. The presentation will cover the main assumptions of the approach and descriptions of key practice tools which are easily learnt and helpful for a huge variety of issues and difficulties where people are in need of efficient ways to work out what to do.

Paula McCormack – Your Region – Your Responsibility – Are You Ready?

Beneath the radar of many of the citizens of this region a storm is brewing. Like nothing we have ever experienced before, this storm has the most monumental power contained. What we have to decide is whether we take hold of this power and use it creatively and purposefully or whether we allow the power to take hold of us and force us into submission. As a coach in this region, paula sees it as her responsibility to know what is happening, such that she can see beneath the radar in order to facilitate a space for others to see too and create their own choices about how they want to live their life. Paula’s role as a coach is not a job but a way of being and of living her life for the purpose of serving. This is a life’s work: to make manifest the very best of her to create a world that makes it possible for others to do same. Paula journeys the polarity of experience so that she discovers the sweetness of the point in-between and then co-create a space with others to explore with them.

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